Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Petting Farm

While in Colorado with my parents last week we took Elaine to the petting farm.  We met my mom’s friend Alethea and her little girl Talia (who is almost two) at Belleview park.  It is very near my grandparent’s house, so my grandpa came along too (he used to be a farmer). I know Elaine is a little young to know about all of these animals, but she has been very aware of dogs and cats, and we thought it would be fun!

Elaine at the petting zoo 
“A pig?  What is that?”

Elaine at the petting zoo
Notice the fist full of lamb’s wool?  That’s the reason the cat downstairs knows to stay away from Elaine!

Elaine at the petting zoo “This straw is interesting.”

Elaine at the petting zoo
Grandma Godby (my mom), Elaine, and Great-Grandpa Paul (my grandpa), and of course the cow!  Alethea and Talia are with the goats in the background

Elaine at the petting zooSee?  Here they are.  Alethea and Talia!

Elaine at the petting zoo
We met the goat…

Elaine at the petting zoo
…and we watched the ducks (they’re not in the picture *wink*)

Elaine at the petting zoo Then we finished with a ride on the train…

Elaine at the petting zoo …here’s the train!

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