Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nolan’s First Haircut

Today the whole family took a little trip to the Barber Shop…for Nolan’s first haircut!  Elaine was very concerned that “it not hurt him, Mommy?”  I’m not sure she was convinced that I told the truth once Nolan started screaming!  He didn’t care for the clippers much, and cried through the entire haircut. “Barber Sam” was thrilled to give Nolan his new cut, and asked for a picture with Nolan in the end.  Nolan no longer looks like my baby boy – he is now my little man.  But still oh-so-cute!

{click to enlarge}

2012 - Page 036

2012 - Page 037


  1. Justin was always scared of the clippers as a little boy, too. Then one day it hit him that the clippers were like the weedeater. After that, he always asked, "Is she going to use the weedeater again?" and he never minded his haircut again!

  2. First Haircuts are always exciting! :) Hopefully his next one will go smoother now that he knows it won't kill him

  3. These pictures are precious!!! Poor Nolan! :) Where is Barber Sam?

  4. Barber Sam is on 72nd Street just off of 3rd Avenue {right across from the McDonalds}. All haircuts are just $10 and they have one of those "cars" for the kids to sit in for haircuts. Nolan wasn't about to sit still for that!


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