Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

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I was just thinking about this last night.  I am in Colorado right now visiting my parents.  They are the resident managers at a gated community in Denver called The Polo Club North.  This is our first visit to their new home!  And we have had lots of golden opportunities. 

There is a pond here, with ducks and baby ducks.  I was hoping we would have the opportunity to see them, because I knew Elaine would love it!  This opportunity almost slipped by us…but today, on our last morning, we finally found the baby ducks out and about!


“Ma” & “Pa” also have a swimming pool!  Elaine has enjoyed swimming every day since we arrived!


Elaine has been salivating to ride the motorcycle with “Pa.”  She has talked about it for months.  If she hears a “cycle” she tells me how she is going to ride it with Pa.  This week, Elaine had the opportunity to fulfill her wish!

Elaine's first Motorcycle Ride


We had the opportunity to spend some time with my parents and my grandparents.  Since we live in NYC these opportunities are becoming few and far between.  It has been nice to see everyone…even some Aunts & Uncles that I haven’t seen in a long time!



But I was also thinking about some missed opportunities.  I have a friend that I worked with at McDonalds for 9 years.  She still lives in Denver.  I had hoped to meet up with her.  But we haven’t been able to connect, and I leave tomorrow.

As a Christian, I have the opportunity to share the Gospel with people around me.  Some are familiar and friends, some are strangers.  Yesterday we were shopping, and we made a lot of purchases, and came into contact with a lot of cashiers.  But I had not loaded up my purse with Gospel tracts.  And while handing out a tract is not completely fulfilling the Great Commission, it is a seed that is planted which God can use in someone’s heart and life to draw them to Himself.  I missed those opportunities yesterday.  I hope to rectify it tomorrow on our return trip home.


What opportunities have you enjoyed or missed lately?

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  1. The pic of your little with her pa on the motorcycle is adorable! Like you, I wrestle with how to make the most of my opportunities to share the hope we have...


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