Monday, May 21, 2012

May Photo A Day, part 3

Day  13: Mum

Day 13 Mum
I am “mum” to these adorable kiddos {Betsy & Sally included}.  By the time this post is published I will be spending time with my own “mum” in Denver, Colorado at her new home!

Day 14: Grass

May 14 Grass (2)
Grass was hard to come by in a rainy NYC week.  So I waited for Denver, and there I saw this little seahorse wrapped around some grass in his aquarium tank.

Day 15: Love

May 15 Love
Elaine’s memory verse says it all when it comes to love: “God is love.”  There you have it.

Day 16: What You’re Reading

May 16 What You're Reading
My stack of books on the nightstand.  I haven’t been making much progress lately.  But it’s a couple of devotional books and some parenting books.  Soooo excited to read Erin Davis’ new book, “Beyond Bath Time.”

Day 17: Snack

May 17 Snack
It’s gotta be a grandpa thing.  My Gramps always made the best popcorn.  And tonight…my dad made popcorn for Elaine.  She shared it with Betsy.  It was a great snack.

Day 18: Something You Made

May 18 Something You Made
Peace cobbler {from Mom’s home-canned peaches} for Wesley’s birthday dinner.  I don’t usually like peaches too much, but it was de-lish!

Day 19: A Favourite Place

May 19 A Favorite Place
These Rocky Mountains say “Colorado” to me.  I grew up in Colorado and it is always nice to come “home.”  Dad drove us up to Lookout Mountain after church to take this picture.  I love NYC, but it will never quite compare to the beauty of my Colorado mountains!

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  1. These are awesome pictures, hope your enjoying your stay out west :)


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