Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful day on Mother’s Day.  My kids are not old enough to understand yet, but we enjoyed our day together.  I had sick kids for the last week.  I missed three church services.  On Mother’s Day I was scheduled for the nursery {because I am visiting Colorado next week!}.  Mrs. Bickel was so kind and offered to take my place.  I felt so blessed.

I worked all week to finish some sewing projects, one of which was matching skirt/dress for myself and Elaine.  We had enough fabric leftover to make one for Betsy too.  I wanted to wear them on Mother’s Day, and I am so glad I was able to get them done in time.

Matching Dresses

Mother's Day 2012

Ben asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  It’s not a big holiday and we usually keep gifts low-key {to keep the budget happy}.  I asked to go out for dinner.  And I wanted to eat at Outback.  I l.o.v.e. their fried mushrooms and coconut shrimp.  So…we braved a nice, sit-down restaurant with two little kids.  We don’t eat out often, so it was definitely a special treat!

Ben was smart and made a reservation.  We still had to wait about 20 minutes, but when we exited the restaurant 2 hours later the same people were still in line.  I think I would have given up and gone to McDonalds.

Nolan seriously ate for the two hours that it took for us to be served and finish our meal.  He had animal crackers, bread, clam chowder, mushrooms, broccoli, grilled cheese, baked potato, and sweet potato fries.  And I think he would have kept going, but the food was cleared away!

Mother's Day 2012I don’t know what she was doing, but at least her hand is in her mouth…not her nose!

Mother's Day 2012Nolan enjoyed the whole experience, especially the straw!

Mother's Day 2012
My happy little family…Betsy and Sally included

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  1. That's a cute family picture :) Glad you enjoyed your Mother's day - I hope to have something in the mail to you soon ;)


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