Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Photo A Day, part 1

May Photo A Day hosted by Fat Mum Slim

Day 1: Peace

May 1 Peace
some of my favorite verses, Isaiah 26:3-4.  True peace only comes from trusting in the LORD.

Day 2: Skyline

May 2 Skyline
I really wanted a Manhattan skyline picture, especailly since the Freedom Tower surpassed the Empire State building in height this week.  But…the weather was too overcast.  So here is the skyline above my house and looking down my street.  We live in the Brownstone with the dirty yellow crown on the left.

Day 3: Something I Wore Today

May 3 Something I Wore Today
I actually wear this almost everyday.  Ben bought it for me in Israel.  And while I am not Jewish myself, my Messiah is Jewish.  And I am grateful to God for the Spiritual Blessings that have been passed to me through His people, Israel (Gen.12:3).

Day 4: fun!

Nolan had utter fun dumping every puzzle and book of the shelves, and then discovering how to climb on the puzzle box so he could reach more.

Day 5: Bird

I actually ended up with two for this assignment, when I didn’t think I would even get one good picture!  Birds in NYC seem to be just like the people – always in a rush!  This birdie is on the power cable that runs between my neighbor’s backyard and mine.

As I was coming home from the park I spotted this little pair of birdies dancing on the step in front of my door.  And then they posed for me!

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  1. How nice of those little fella's to pose for you :) and I just can't believe how big Nolan is getting! :) so cute!


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