Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

I wanted to get this posted before Memorial Day has come and gone.  I know that this holiday is meant to remember those who have died in the line of duty, fighting for and preserving our freedom.  I don’t personally know anyone who has given his life in this way, but I do know many who have served our country in the Armed Forces.  They have made other sacrifices – deployments away from family for long periods of time, fighting in a combat zone, leaving familiarities to be stationed overseas or all over the country.

My dad served in the Air Force for over eight years.  He was in law enforcement, and then weather forecasting.

Don’t you think he is handsome?  {Just ignore the huge glasses…}

My grandfather, Don Paul, served in the Army during the Korean War.  My Uncle Lewis was also in the Army. 

Ben also has some military personnel on his side of the family.  His grandfather Carl Kuenzi was in the Swiss military.  And his grandpa Perry Hamilton was in the Air Force. 

We lived in Virginia Beach for 2.5 years while Ben took Hebrew at Tabernacle Baptist Seminary.  We were just north of Oceana Naval Air Base.  I loved seeing and hearing the jets all the time!  Many of the men and women in our church there were also serving our country, mostly in the Navy.

Thank you to all who have made sacrifices so that my family could live in a free country!  And thanks especially to those who have paid the ultimate price by given their lives in the service of our country!

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