Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day this year.  This was the first time we were able to travel to Massachusetts to be with Ben’s family for the holiday.  Ben’s brother Evan also came home from Connecticut. 

Dad decided to soak the turkey in a brine solution, and then convection cook it.  It was REALLY delicious!  We had all of the fixings of a Thanksgiving feast!



Dad did the turkey, made the gravy, and the sweet potatoes.  Mom had green bean casserole and stuffing ready – Hamilton stuffing has sausage and apples in it…mmmmmm good!  I turned the mashed potatoes into a calorie nightmare with my grandma’s recipe, and I also brought the cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving       Thanksgiving
The lovely table – Grandma Kuenzi’s dishes; the beautiful flower arrangement

ThanksgivingBen & Elaine snacking on Cheerios while the food was cooking

While the meal was still cooking, Dad called us all into the living room.  We each received a card from Grandma Hamilton.  She is getting “up there” in age and not doing so great health wise.  This year she moved into a nursing home.  We each received a nice check for our birthday and Christmas.  Included in the card was a verse.  When we sat down to eat we each read our verse and then said a short prayer of Thanksgiving.  It was a nice way to remember all of the many blessings that God has poured upon us this year.


Evan’s birthday is November 29th, and we celebrated it on Sunday.  Evan picked the entrée for lunch, and then we followed Hamilton tradition – chocolate cake with chocolate icing!  We had fun being together again!

Hamilton Siblings Evan's birthdayEvan, Meredith, Me, and Ben

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  1. That tureky looks very delish! How does the apple/sausage dressing compare with the apple/ raisin grandma does?


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