Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This is how Elaine walked around the house all morning yesterday – a balloon in one hand, and a glasses case in the other.

Elaine with Balloons
She loved her birthday balloon, but her Daddy popped it when it started losing its helium.  Our Hallmark store is going out of business, so I got Elaine another balloon.  She never let go of it!  She hijacked the glasses case from Ben’s dresser drawer (which he left hanging open Annoyed).  It was really a telephone to Elaine…

Elaine with BalloonsShe talked and talked and talked as she walked around jerking her balloon!  Oh the imagination she has already!

As I was washing the supper dishes, Elaine joined me in the kitchen.  She found the box of clementines within her reach (I think that was Daddy again).  “Wow, it’s my day.  Mommy left these for me to play with,” she thought.  One was hidden away safely in my pots & pans cupboard.  Some became balls.  

Elaine and the Clementines

Then I heard it.  Plop, plop, plop.  I spun around to discover what I had been afraid of…Elaine was efficiently transferring the clementines into…the dirty diaper pail!  Oh no!  I had just put the diapers in the wash and had not yet sanitized the pail.  At least I caught her when only a few had been dropped in!

When Daddy joined us in the kitchen, Elaine had found something else in which to put her precious clementines.  A trash can.  Neither Ben nor I really know where this little trash can came from, which is why it is still sitting in my kitchen floor.  Elaine brought it in the day before.

Elaine put all five pounds of clementines into that trash can, one by one.  I was still washing dishes when Ben exclaimed, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”  As I spun around again, I thought something must be wrong.

This is what was happening…

Elaine and the Clementines

Elaine and the Clementines

Elaine and the Clementines
Yes, she put every single one back into the box, one by one. 
“This is a breakthrough.  Maybe she will put away her toys too.”  What do you think? 
Yeah, I don’t really think so either.

Elaine and the Clementines
She ended up crawling into the trash can to get the last clementine!

Life is never boring in our household!  I am blessed to be able to spend my day chasing around a busy one year old with a big imagination.

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  1. Really, who needs toys?? The most expensive and elaborate ones cant beat a wooden spoon and pan...or clementines and the trash can!

    BTW, was she calling grandma on the glasses case? I could answer with my shoe, just like "Get Smart" used to do!


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