Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It’s Wednesday–but not Wordless!


So…I thought this picture needed a little explanation.  Elaine was being really cute with Rocky (the cat).  “I need a Wordless Wednesday picture,” I thought to myself as I pulled out the camera.  Elaine saw the camera and decided to pose, so she started to lay down on the kitty.  Neither she, nor I realized how close she was to the edge of the bed.  Just as I snapped the picture, I practically threw the camera in an attempt to catch her as she went over the edge.  Yes…that funny blur on the right side of the picture is Elaine’s feet as she tumbled off the bed.

Yesterday I was finally able to get some good shots of Elaine with Rocky…

Elaine with Rocky

Elaine with Rocky

Elaine with Rocky
As you can see, she loves the kitty, especially his tail.  She gets very excited when he comes upstairs.  Rocky is good to tolerate Elaine.  Most of the time he escapes to the bed, but sometimes Mommy allows Elaine to follow him there!

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