Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lainey’s Lodge

While we were in Massachusetts last week, Elaine received a special surprise!  Grandma Hamilton and Auntie Meredith (and I can’t remember if Grampa helped) constructed a special play house.  Fit for a princess, it even had a name – Lainey’s Lodge!

Lainey's Lodge

It’s amazing what you can do with a couple of big boxes.  They even painted bricks on the outside and laid carpet.  There was a mirror on the wall, decorations, and a pop-out window in the private bedroom.

Lainey's LodgeStill a little uncertain about this…she just woke up!

Lainey's Lodge

Lainey's Lodge“Mmmmmm.  There’s Cheerios in here.  I like it!”

Lainey's Lodge

Lainey's Lodge
A couple of days later…enjoying playtime at Lainey’s Lodge with Grandma Hamilton!

Lainey's Lodge
Inside with Grandma

Lainey's Lodge
We were trying so hard to get her to look at the camera!

Elaine didn’t sleep so great during this visit – it was a different crib, a different room, a different schedule.  Two mornings in a row she was up from 2-4ish.  Ben took her the first morning.  They played with the blocks.  Elaine built a tower for the first time (yeah – she didn’t knock it over right away), and she sorted the blocks by color all on her own!  The next day she again pulled all of the purple blocks out of the pile and put them inside of her play house.  She’s so smart  - she must take after me, right?

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  1. What a great playhouse. I would think that with all that creativity, Sissy would have no problem scrapbboking!


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