Friday, November 19, 2010

Free Entertainment

“I can do it myself.”

Though she isn’t talking, sometimes Elaine communicates this phrase to me.  Lately it with anything food.  She doesn’t want Mommy to feed her, she wants to do it herself!  She’s also been teething and hasn’t had a very good appetite.  So last night when Elaine wanted the whole pizza slice, rather than the cut up bits, I decided to let her go at it.

There she was.  Little Elaine.  Big slice of pizza.  Trying desperately to make her teeth tear off a bite.  What ended up happening is that she buried her whole face in the slice, pulling off the topping and leaving the crust.  “Mmmm.  That was fun.  I’m done now.”

Then Daddy introduced the ranch dressing.  Suddenly the crust was very fun.  She would dip, lick, and dip again (never eating the crust, but enjoying the ranch!).

Elaine is so much fun to watch as she learns and discovers new things.  Even though she was a mess, she was very entertaining at the dinner table.  Who needs a TV?  We have an Elaine!  And she is free!  (Well, sort of…)  

Now – it would also be quite entertaining to watch Daddy clean her up.  Yeah.  I’m not holding my breath, either.  Oh well, it was a nice thought!

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