Friday, June 7, 2013

The Twinsies

I’ve been a little behind…here are some pictures of the Twinsies together over the last couple of weeks!

:: 22 Days Old – snuggling together, and Nehemiah had his arm around Liberty!

Twins Snuggling Together

Twins Snuggling Together

:: 22 Days Old, first double bath!  Nehemiah was trying to “nurse” on Liberty’s head!

First Twin Bath in the Bathtub

:: 24 Days Old – snuggling on the couch, and holding hands!

Twinsies holding hands

Twinsies holding hands

:: 25 Days old – I wanted to know how much they weighed.  But…I only own a kitchen scale.  I tried to put them in a bowl.

The Weigh In

The Weigh In

:: 26 Days old – having a little conversation together on the couch.

The Twins Talking

The Twins Talking

:: 31 Days old – just after the first “quad” bath (yes – I did all four kiddos at once!).  Gotta love Nehemiah’s eyes.  Laughed so hard I cried!  Liberty’s hair looks red in this picture, too!

First Quad Bath

:: 33 Days old – Nehemiah sleeping.  Too precious!

Nehemiah asleep

:: 35 Days old – sharing a nap in the swing.  Love these blankets from a friend of my Grams – they have their names monogrammed on them, too!

Twins asleep in the swing

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  1. They are so adorable! When i saw the first picture of you trying to weigh them i couldn't see your hand hold Nehemiah's head :/ it looks like his little head is just dangling there! And your right his eyes after the bath are hilarious!!!


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