Friday, June 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Just forget that today is really Friday, and pretend I wrote this on Thursday.  Because I was thinking it on Thursday, so that must count for something!  You’re probably tired of me talking about the twins, but I’m thankful for them again!  These little bundles of happiness have been sleeping through the night!  Whoopee!!!  Several nights last week, and for the last three nights, I have had uninterrupted sleep.  I can’t tell you how great that feels!

I’m also just overwhelmed with gratitude that they are here, healthy, and doing so well in their development.  I sometimes get on the Mother’s of Twins message boards.  So many ladies are on complete bed rest, have babies born at 28 weeks and in the NICU, or don’t yet have their babies home with them.  Others are at three months with their twins, and still getting up multiple times in the night.  I feel so blessed!

Another gratitude for whoever told me to read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.  I got it when Nolan was a few months old.  It helped me a bit with him.  But these twins are “by the book.”  Now that I understand the sleep cycles a little more {sort of}, I have been able to cue into my babies better.  That has helped them get into a sleep routine, which has helped me too!  I want to say they are the easiest & best sleepers of my four kids, but perhaps I just finally know what I am supposed to do…

At nearly two months old, my cuties are smiling, holding their heads up, taking about 4 naps a day, and sleeping through the night.  That’s a lot to be grateful for!  Nehemiah weighed in at 11 pounds, and Liberty is 9.4 pounds.

Twins in Boppys
My twins are tummy sleepers {don’t tell the pediatrician}, but I gave them some extra tummy time the other day.

Liberty Pushing Up
I thought Liberty was getting lazy, but she was really pushing herself forward by “standing” on her toes…

Liberty Pushing Up

Liberty Pushing Up

Liberty Pushing Up
Can you tell she is “standing” on her tippee toes?

Nehemiah's little toes
Nehemiah during nap time.  He keeps wiggling out of his blankets, and he loves to sleep with his feet tucked up like this.  I love his little toes!


  1. It's nice to be so full of gratitude, you just carry it around for awhile!!

  2. Count yourself b.l.e.s.s.e.d....Judah is 20 mo. and he isn't sleeping thru the night yet!


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