Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Nolan!

A few memories from Nolan’s two years…

A new family picture!

We went to the New York Aquarium with Grandma & Grampa Hamilton and Auntie Mere.  Then we took a little walk on the Coney Island boardwalk.  The kids spied the “rides” and so Grampa bought them a couple of rides on the roller coasters in kiddie land.  Then they had a “dip” in the water sprinkler in the sand.  Nolan had a roll in the sand too…the kids were pretty messy when it was all done!  We headed home for a nap.

After a supper of hot dogs with mac ‘n’ cheese (some of Nolan’s favorites), we let him dig into the presents.


Grandma & Grandpa Godby sent a Hunter Dan doll.  His boots come off.  Couldn’t be more perfect for Nolan right now!  We said, “Do you want to open another present?”  He gave an emphatic “NO!” and returned to Dan’s boots.  After.each.present!

Elaine gave Nolan a ball glove with Velcro baseball.  Then Mommy gave Elaine a pink ball glove so they could play together!

New boots from Mommy & Daddy!  It was Daddy’s idea, and the best ever.  One boot barely made it out of the bag before he was putting them on.  And yes, he did sleep in them last night.  And yes, he does protest if you take them off for a diaper change!

Back to Hunter Dan…

img_2911   img_2914
Grandma & Grampa “Fezzi” gave him a cowboy dress-up outfit to go with the boots.  The chaps are a little big, but he wore the hat and bandana to Sunday School today!  And yes, on the right he was back to Hunter Dan!

Auntie Mere did the cake!

Elaine showed him how to pull out the candles and lick off the frosting.  Sisters are good for that!

Happy Birthday Nolan!  Love you, Little Man!

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