Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some Paper Crafting Projects…

There are a couple of projects which I finished a while ago and recently that I wanted to share with you.  It’s just been hard finding the time to sit down and write about them!

Before the twins were born I tried to get several projects out of the way for upcoming events.  One of them was Mother’s Day.  I found an idea on Pinterest for a cute little baby brag book.  And while it came with a free printable {making the project even easier}, I had to create my own to reflect two babies and not just one!  I made the books, and then after the twins arrived I just had to print some pictures and mail the books to my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Brag Books

Mother's Day Brag Books

Abnother project I did was also Pinterest inspired.  Ben’s brother Evan got married on May 25th.  Ben was able to attend the wedding, but I stayed home with the kiddos and my parents came to stay with me.  I made this print for Evan & Elise, then framed it with a double mat of blue & white.  I was happy with the outcome, and did one for my wall too!

The Days We Will Never Forget blue jpg

Recently, I made a baby book as a gift for a friend.  Amber is the daughter of Ben’s Pastor.  I have been online friends with her for a while now, and we got to briefly meet last year.  She gave me permission to share a little bit of her story.

Brian & Amber have been desiring to have children for nine years, but a team of specialists told them that they had a 2% chance of ever becoming parents.  I follow Amber on Pinterest and I would see her pinning all kinds of baby ideas and projects.  Sometimes I wondered if she would ever get to use them.  Last year God granted her desire, and Amber announced that she was expecting!  I was beyond excited for my friend!

I had plans to make something specific for Amber as a baby gift, but I couldn’t find the right materials for what I wanted.  Then I saw that she didn’t have a baby book yet, and so I created a personalized baby book for little Talia Elyse, who should make her appearance next Monday!  It is similar to what I made for the twins, which I shared here.

I had so much fun putting this together!  I asked Amber’s mom what some special events and activities would be for Brian, Amber, & Talia so I could make the right stickers.  Each week during her pregnancy, Amber has posted a picture and update.  I downloaded these from her Facebook page and included a “pregnancy” section in Talia’s baby book.  Here are some pictures I took before I mailed it off a couple of weeks ago.

Amber's Baby Book
I enjoyed making everything pink…little girls are so much fun!

Amber's Baby Book
A pocket in the front for the stickers, and ribbon dividers for each month of Talia’s first year.

Amber's Baby Book
I used Amber’s announcement picture to make the pregnancy section.  She did so many cute pictures throughout this pregnancy!

Amber's Baby Book
Weekly pregnancy pictures and updates from week 15 to the end!

Amber's Baby Book
“For this child I prayed…” – I am so glad that God answered Amber’s petition for a child, and so excited to meet Talia!

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