Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Six Weeks Old!

Well we have been at this family of six thing for over six weeks.  I must say…it hasn’t been as hard as I expected.  I feel incredibly blessed to have four good sleepers, a husband who does more housework than could ever be expected, and a mother’s helper every Thursday.

Liberty and Nehemiah turned 6 weeks on Tuesday.  They are falling into a sleep routine very naturally.  As was the case with Elaine & Nolan, they are only waking once to eat at night.  They also self-sooth very easily (at least for now) and I can lay them in the crib and let them go to sleep for naps.  It hasn’t been a lot of work, and they don’t have colic.

Six Weeks Old!Ben says this looks like me and him – one scared to death, and one with her mouth open all the time! 

When I weighed the twins last week, Liberty was at 7.4 pounds and Nehemiah at 9 pounds!  We are still exclusively breast feeding, but the babies drink well from a bottle so that Ben can help out with some feedings.

I have enjoyed smiles from both of the twins over the last couple of days.  And its just hard to beat falling asleep with a baby on your chest.  Best.thing.ever.

That being said, thing are not without their challenges.  Tuesday was a particularly rough day, especially with Nolan.  Whether it is his age, or maybe he is feeling a little left out…he has been a major handful.  I’m learning that child rearing is not for the weak of heart!

Six Weeks Old!
And they all fall down!

Elaine is a great helper.  She often sits between the babies on the couch and helps settle them down while I fix a meal or deal with Nolan.  One day I came out to find her with a thumb in each baby’s mouth…but everyone was happy & quiet!  Elaine loves to hug and kiss the babies, and she is turning into my little “gopher” when I need something.

Though I often feel torn between which set of kids to attend to first  - the bigs or the littles – life is falling back into a bit of a routine.  I cooked supper the other night rather than just pulling a freezer meal.  We’ve been shopping, and I even took all four kids to the laundry mat (though it was not a pleasant experience). 

Six Weeks Old!

God has been so good to our family!  My four kids ages three and under are a constant reminder to me of my inadequacy and inability to do it all.  My house isn’t as clean as I like it, but it’s not a wreck either.  On Monday I mopped my bathroom for the first time in over two months! 

But I am learning {still} to trust the Lord moment by moment, and often catastrophe by catastrophe, for my strength.  Having kids is humbling.  You realize all of your shortcomings and sometimes have to apologize to a three year old (especially when she is the one who reminded you of that failure).  But kids are so forgiving, and they make me smile with their impressions of life!  {If you ask Nolan what a baby says, he will put his finger over his lips and say “shhhhhhh!”…guess he’s tired of being told to be quiet because of the babies!}

In this new season of life God is teaching me to be flexible.  I’m realizing that I can’t go for an outing everyday.  There will be next year to spend the summer in the water sprinklers.  We decided not to cloth diaper the kids – at least for now.  I was sad, but it’s a little relieving.  I even paid to have my groceries delivered this month – and it was worth every penny. 

I’m reminded of Ecclesiastes 3:1 – to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.  I’m thankful for the season I’m in right now, and for the Lord who guides me through each day.

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  1. Love the pictures and love what you wrote. Nolan is acting up because he wants attention. He has been de-throned, not by one, but by two! It will take some adjustment on his part. He'll make it, but you might have some more rough days. Hang in there! :o) Sounds to me like you're doing fine. Do what you can, and get naps when you can. That's exactly what you need to do. Good girl! I'm proud of you!


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