Saturday, May 4, 2013

Welcome Home

When I arrived home from the hospital there was a giant bundle of pink & blue balloons decorating the front of our house. I happened to look up and see one pink balloons making its way up into the sky.  Ben remarked, “It looks like there is a handle on it.”  I didn’t understand what he meant until Nolan and Elaine came out with Grandma to greet us. Elaine was in tears – it was her balloon that had escaped.

We dried the tears and then Nolan & Elaine immediately started peeking in the car seats. Somehow they both chose Liberty’s carseat.  Elaine started pushing Nolan and told him that he could have Baby Brother, but that Baby Sister was hers!



The kids were very excited to hold their new siblings.  I expected Nolan to be disinterested or rough, but he did very well!  He also added a new word to his vocabulary – “beebee!”



Elaine was so excited to finally meet the babies.  She was also very concerned whenever they would cry.  Liberty’s cries elicited commands like, “Daddy, get her paci!”  “Oh, she’s crying!” and “I need to wock {rock} her!”  She was very attentive.


My four kiddos, ages 3 and under, 3 of them in diapers.  I’m going to be busy!

Because Nolan saw Elaine rocking Liberty, he wanted to do it too.  But he insisted on bringing the balloons along!

We are happy to be home.  We have already discovered some areas that needed to be shuffled from our original plan, but I’ll share more about that later.  Grandma Sissy has been a lifesaver, and we have definitely put her to work!

Our family – of six!!!

The twins came home in these outfits – Buy One, Get One Free!  I’m glad I guessed correctly on who would arrive first!

Happy Mama – the pregnancy is finally over!


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