Friday, May 17, 2013

My Four Littles

Elaine loves to hold the babies.  She is constantly asking to hold one or the other.  I often have to say “no” because I can’t be right next to her to help.  Yesterday she held Liberty for close to an hour while I cleaned up the dishes and sent some emails.  She just talked and talked to “Baby Liverty”, held her hand, and enjoyed being a big sister.  At first, Elaine told us that she wasn’t going to hold Nehemiah.  But she is just as attentive to him, and loves to hold him too! 

Nolan was not to be left out, so he got to have a baby too.Elaine even let him have Liberty!  It’s nice having two so that there is nothing to fight about!

Holding the Babies

Nolan Kissing Liberty
Nolan is learning to give kisses.  He loves to make a smacking noise with his lips!

Elaine and Havilah with the Twins
Elaine’s friend, Havilah, came over the other day.  Elaine was super excited to show off her “Baby Liverty” and “Baby Neemiah” to her friend!  And they both enjoyed holding the babies, trading them back and forth, and attempting to give a bottle to them.

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