Monday, May 6, 2013

Big Sister, Big Helper

It has been a rough few days for us around here… two newborns, a new schedule, and two sick toddlers.  It’s been rough for Elaine too – she wants to hold the babies and help with the babies, and I have to constantly tell her to keep her distance so they don’t get sick.  Today Elaine seemed much better.  Though there is still a cough, I thought it would be okay for her to help get Baby Sister ready for the doctor.

Elaine helps bathe Liberty - 6 Days
Preparing for a sponge bath.  Elaine was excited, Nolan curious.  He soon found his way to the trains!

Elaine helps bathe Liberty - 6 Days   Elaine helps bathe Liberty - 6 Days
Elaine got to help wipe “Baby Siser”.  It was a battle today, but Elaine finally did say Liberty’s name!

Elaine helps bathe Liberty - 6 Days
Helping Sister not to cry while she warms up.  Elaine was so excited that Liberty grasped her finger!

Elaine helps bathe Liberty - 6 Days
I love this picture!  I never had a sister…just two brothers {but they are pretty great, as far as brothers go!}.  I hope that my girls will be best friends from here on out!

Nehemiah got a bath too, but Elaine was holding Liberty and didn’t want to help bathe him.  We offered to Nolan.  He did come and give a little wipe, but soon lost interest and made his way back to the trains!

Nolan helps bathe Nehemiah - 6 Days   Nolan helps bathe Nehemiah - 6 Days
These are the only pictures we got of Nehemiah’s sponge bath! 

I just remarked to Ben that with my other kiddos I took pictures of everything, especially everything first.  But we’ve been busy.  This wasn’t the first bath, but they are the first pictures.  Just part of being kids 3 and 4 I guess!

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  1. That picture of Elaine with Liberty is absolutely beautiful. Magic. God bless ALL of you! (I still have a tear in my eye.)


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