Monday, May 6, 2013

Clip & Livert

img_1768This post is so that I can remember these funny days and the things my kids say.  It’s also to make you laugh…in fact I think I can hear Grandma Sissy laughing already!

We didn’t tell Nolan & Elaine what we were going to name the twins.  Nolan didn’t matter so much, but Elaine would have told the secret.  A couple of times we tried the names out on her, in a game.  Ben would say, “What should we call Baby Sister?  Do you like the name Liberty?”  She would say “No.”  We would throw out other names and she would laugh and turn down all of them.  For most of my pregnancy, Elaine insisted that Baby Sister was going to be called Corrine.  I don’t know where she heard that or got it from, but she was consistent.

After we got the van, we were again playing the name game.  Then Elaine suggested that we needed to name our van.  We had just mentioned the name Liberty for Baby Sister, and it was again turned down by Elaine.  We suggested several names for our van also.  Then Elaine decided that we would call our van Livert.  We assumed she came up with that because it sounded so much like Liberty which we had just talked about.

However…for the last week or so Elaine has been calling her Baby Brother & Sister by the names Clip and Livert.  Again…I have no idea where this came from!

When we brought the babies home, Liberty was dubbed Clip and Nehemiah became Livert.  It was funny at first, but not so much when Elaine refused to say their real names.  She will just refer to them as Baby Brother or Baby Sister, or she will try to sneak in Clip or Livert when she thinks we’re not paying attention.

Today we got a package from Aunt Leah.  She included a bag of candy for Nolan and Elaine – the big siblings.  We used it as a bribe to get Eliane to say the babies’ names.  And though the package arrived at breakfast, it wasn’t until after dinner that Elaine was able to have any.  All day she refused to say their names, but the sugar finally won.  She has now admitted that Clip and Livert are really Liberty and Nehemiah. 

Mommy and Daddy made a concession, too.  We agreed that the van can still be called Livert.

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