Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1 Month Old!

I can hardly believe that the twins are 1 month old today!  Then I remember how little sleep I’ve been getting, how much coffee I’ve been consuming, and how many diapers I have changed, and it seems like so much longer than just a month!

In reality, things are going very well, all things considered.  Ben and I are still tired, and we do look forward to naptimes as the highlight of the weekend.  But my babies are both nursing well, they both take a bottle for Ben, they are growing, and they are sleeping pretty good already!  At night we are going about 4 hours, sometimes 5 at a stretch! They have had several good nights in the crib, and we will work harder on that now that all of our visitors are gone.

Here are some pictures from today {click to enlarge}

Liberty's First Year - Page 030
from Liberty’s baby book…

1 Month
This page will go in each baby’s book, but the pictures are changed slightly so there are no duplicates.

Nehemiah 1 Month jpg
from Nehemiah’s book.  This morning Nehemiah was wearing an “I Love Mommy” shirt and Liberty was wearing an “I Love Daddy” shirt, but it didn’t last long for Liberty!

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  1. Wow, they are getting their own look now! At first they looked so much alike, but in these pictures they look so different! Thanks for sharing! =)


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