Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Dress Up Time   Dress Up Time
Nolan was playing dress-up with the winter gear we keep by the front door.

Dress Up Time
He came out wearing Elaine’s stuff…

Dress Up Time  
She needed her sparkly rainboots so she could be a princess…

My missionary friend, Mrs. Lou Ann Keiser, is a published author!  I just received her new book in the mail.  I completed my missionary internship with the Keiser’s in the Basque province of Spain.

Reading a new magazine
Nolan received his new Highlights Magazine {subscription from Great-Grams} in the mail.  So Elaine sat on the couch and “read” it to him.

Reading a new magazine

The Meads and the Hamiltons
Nolan, Sammy, Elaine, and AnnaBeth.  We came home from church and the Mead’s were there dropping off our neighbor.  We let the kids play a little, and then they all sat down on the steps together.

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  1. Hi! Just saw that you put my book on your blog. Thank you! Praying for you and your babies. I'm so glad you made it this far. Love you!


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