Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday: the end is in sight

Monday marked 32 weeks in this pregnancy.  Assuming that our twins are “average”, they should arrive around 35-36 weeks.  That means that in under a month, I will be the mother of four kids ages three and under.  And life will never be the same.

Today I did the laundry because Ben is sick.  It’s a lot of work right now!  Most routine chores have taken on a difficult angle for me.  If I get the lunch dishes done before naptime, we’re doing good.  I don’t even attempt the dinner dishes anymore.  Picking up the toys, scrubbing the bathtub, putting on my socks, are all very hard to accomplish.  I dread the cry coming from the bedroom that means my kids are done with naptime, while I am wishing for another hour…at least

But at the same time – we have made it – almost to the end – with no bed rest.  No major complications.  No medication.  No need to think that I have to schedule a c-section.  God has been very good to us.

Tomorrow I have an OB appointment, and they will perform the last FFN test (to predict pre-term labor).  After this, labor will not be considered pre-term anymore.  Elaine wants to come to the doctor and see Baby Sister on the “TV.”  I think I am going to let her.  She asks more frequently to feel Baby Sister kicking my tummy, too.  It’s funny to hear her giggle.  Nolan is yet clueless about how his life is going to change – very soon.

I’ve finished up almost all of my little projects and preparations.  I packed my hospital bags and printed out instructions for Elaine and Nolan.  Several people have offered to help us take care of them when we head to the hospital – another blessing.


My dad has found a good van, and we are hoping to secure it tomorrow.  We will see if this is the van God has provided for us or not. If not, I am trusting that the babies will not come just yet until another van surfaces.

I’ve even had some fun with a few extras…like these Orioles onesies for the twins.  They made Ben smile.  I even found a Baltimore Orioles pacifier and paci strap set for our little boy.  {They were all bargains…}


My camera is still having some issues, though I’ve sent it in for repairs twice.  Good pictures are hard to come by these days.


Another miracle happened too…Ben made up his mind for sure about Baby Boy’s name.  Glad to have that nailed down!

So while things aren’t exactly normal or easy right now, this pregnancy has been a model pregnancy for multiples, and I am grateful.  I am also so thankful that twins usually arrive early, because eight more weeks of immobility and uncomfortableness seems like an eternity right now…

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  1. I think of all the pregnancy symptoms I'm going through and usually feel bad since I know you are going through more! Praying for you and thinking of you often! I can't wait to virtually meet your little ones! Also, I'm hoping to hear how you are managing the new kiddos so I do hope that you are able to find blogging time with 4 kids so young. I love hearing how your days are. They make me realize I'm not going crazy and that I'm not unusual. :) You also inspire me and are a great example in many things for me to follow. Hope the next few weeks go by smoothly, or at least as smoothly as they can! Almost there!!


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