Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend Funnies

Elaine has been a riot lately…when she hasn’t been sick.  Here’s a few things I’ve laughed at recently.

  • Elaine came out and said, “Sall {her baby doll} is sick.  I’m taking her to the doctor.  Dr. Holly {our doctor is Dr. Mahale} is going to give her a shot and a bandaid and then she will be all better.”  A few minutes later… “We are all done, Mom.  We are riding the train because we don’t have a car today.  Sally is taking a snoozy.”
  • Nolan is playing on the bunk beds.  Elaine climbs up with a cheery, “Hi Nolan.  How’s it goin’ up there?”
  • I had dusted the house to get ready for visitors. Elaine found my duster and wanted to help, so I said she could dust the books. When she finished she said the following:
    “Want me to dust the computer, Mommy?”
    “No, I already did it.”
    “Oh, well, you didn’t do a very good job!”
  • At lunch Elaine asked for me to take the crusts off her sandwich. I said, “No, that’s not necessary.”
    Nolan Playing Trains“Well, Daddy can do it.”
    “Mommy can do it too, but I’m not going to because I don’t think we need to.”
    “Daddy is nice because he takes the crusts off.”
  • I’ve been relieved to see that Nolan does have a streak of boy in him!  Every day this week has started and ended with trains.  On the other hand, he is often caught carrying his trains around in a pink purse. He has finally figured out how to work the magnets to get the train cars to stick together.  When they come apart he lets out a very serious “Uh-oh.  Boke.  Boke.”  {That’s his way of telling me it’s “broke.”}

Nolan Playing Trains

  • Elaine was finally playing nicely with Nolan.  She brought him out of the bedroom by the hand and said, “We are going to Sunday School.  Sit down Nolan.  No!  Over here in your chair.  Don’t get up, okay?  You have to sing this song with me.”

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  1. Kenny and I always enjoy reading your posts about ehat thr kids are doing or saying. After reading this one Kenny said "Elaine is just like her mother".... whatever thats supposed to mean ;) hope your having a great day!


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