Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Bunk Beds

We have been praying for and searching for a set of bunk beds.  We need the extra space in the kids’ room in order to fit in the twins.  We found a set of metal bunk beds on Craigslist for under $200.  They were supposed to come with new mattresses, but ended up being misrepresented in that.  We threw one mattress away, and kept the other.  So…we had to spend more than intended in order to get a second mattress.  Hopefully they will last and turn out to be a good bargain anyway.  And maybe Ben will have time to build the next set himself…

We have looked at bunk beds several times in the store.  The kids climb right up and seem excited.  But…I was nervous about transitioning Nolan to a big bed, especially straight into a twin bed instead of a toddler bed.  Elaine was two and a half before we thought she was ready.  Nolan isn’t yet two.  However, I wanted to do it before the babies arrive.

Last night we were short one mattress, and Elaine was refusing to climb the ladder {stubborn…where does she get that from?!?}.  So Nolan spent another night in the crib and Elaine slept on her toddler mattress in the floor. 

Today we went shopping for bedding.  I had one set of twin sheets and my twin quilt.  {Actually, my Grams made the quilt for my set of red bunk beds when I was a tween.  Elaine picked red for the bunk beds we bought, so it looks nice together.}  I let the kids each pick a set of sheets, and now we have one in reserve for “accidents.”  Elaine is using my quilt, and Nolan got a new comforter at Ikea, along with the new mattress and mattress covers.

When we got home and put it all together the kids were doing laps up one ladder and down the other.  Nolan climbed right up it.  And right down…several different ways, and in several different spots.  He is quite the boy, and unafraid to fall! 

New Bunk Beds
{Nolan didn’t want his picture taken}

Both kids napped in their new beds this afternoon, and Nolan did very well.  He did climb out once, but as soon as Elaine ratted him out, he was in the process of climbing back into bed when I entered the room.

After nap time we rearranged the room a little to fit everything better. 

New Bunk Beds
As you enter the door to their room…

New Bunk Beds
The best I could do at capturing the whole room.  It’s small, but it will work.

New Bunk Beds
I thought I should take a picture of the toys while everything was in its spot.  The infant carseats you see in the crib are clean and ready for two new babies!  Now we just need a minivan to put them in!

New Bunk Beds
The new bunk beds.  Wow.  We have a lot of stuffed animals {that’s what is hiding under the afghan on Elaine’s bunk.  She said they were sleeping.}

New Bunk Beds
The baby clothes and changing table.  I still need to make labels for the bins & drawers…another day maybe.

The kids went down at bedtime with no problems.  We’ll see how the night progresses!

New Bunk Beds
Big boy Nolan.  He seems so small in that huge bed, but he’s already asleep and doing great!  And yes, we gave the pacifier back – only for bedtime.  He’s been sick, and we thought it would help this transition.  He’s great about putting it away as soon as he wakes up!

New Bunk Beds
Elaine.  She picked out the sheets herself, and Mom was glad that they were only $8.97!  Ben thinks they look like outdated wallpaper.  Great job on the quilt, Grams.  It’s still holding up great…now your great-grands get to use it!

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  1. It looks great Andrea! You are so funny with your labels. :) You inspire I know I can do it with Ian. ;) I love Nolan's comforter too!


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