Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cheerios Craft

I saw this idea on Pinterest.  The link ended up being bad, but I could tell what to do from the picture.  I’m very tired and worn out today, so I thought this would be an easy project to keep the kiddos occupied.

It is supposed to teach fine motor skills.  Elaine is all about crafts right now, and learning letters, so she had a blast.

Cheerio Name Project

Nolan started off well…but got bored quickly.  I had anticipated this, so I only gave him one big “N” to work on, instead of his whole name.

Cheerio Name Project

This is how Nolan ended up…

Cheerio Name Project    Cheerio Name Project


  1. Ian is right there with Nolan. I found him ripping the pretzels off his SS paper and eating them. Cute craft!


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