Monday, June 11, 2012

Things We Did…Places We Went

Back to our Colorado trip…here are the highlights of a week of activities with Ma & Pa!

:: Went to the Denver Zoo.  Read more on this at my mom’s blog, here.

Elaine's lipstick

The Denver Zoo
Of all the animals on Elaine’s “list”, we only got to see the giraffes.

:: Swimming.  Lots, and lots of swimming.  Thankful for an indoor pool, and since I know “someone” we got the heat turned up for us, too!

Nolan's first time in the swimming pool

Nolan's first time in the swimming pool

:: A Godby tradition, Grandpa makes popcorn.  Of course, my dad eats the microwave variety, not the Whirley Pop stuff Gramps used to make.  And that means that Dad probably asked Mom to pop it, so this is really Grandma popcorn!  But that’s beside the fact.  Elaine enjoyed sharing hers with Betsy, using the new “high chair” that Grandma bought!

Elaine & Betsy eating popcorn

:: Acclimating to Gypsy.  They soon made a pact – Nolan would throw food on the floor for Gypsy if Gypsy would lick Nolan’s toes and make him giggle.  It was a win-win situation.

Nolan & Gypsy

:: First Motorcycle Ride.  Just Elaine, not Nolan.  Maybe I get my “OCD” from my dad.  He put a towel over his bike so that Elaine’s shoes wouldn’t scratch the paint!

Elaine's first Motorcycle Ride

:: Play time.  New zoo animals for the bath, “ancient” Little People sets for the living room.

Bath time at Grandma's House

Elaine Playing with little people

Nolan's other technology!
Nolan learned about a new sort of technology – the precursor to play cell phones!

:: Gardening.  Sort of.  Elaine doesn’t like to get “yucky.”  She was supposed to help plant the flowers, but didn’t like the dirt on her hands and toes.  Read a funny story from this day over here.

Elaine planting flowers   Elaine planting flowers with Ma

Elaine planting flowers

:: Playing at Washington Park.

At Washington Park with Ma

At Washington Park with Ma

:: Shopping.  Lots and lots of shopping!  {I had a list of stores I wanted to hit in Denver}.  Elaine got this new pink coat from Grandma for this coming winter.  She is such a girly-girl.  After we bought it she kept saying, “I cold.  I need my new coat.”

Elaine's new pink coat  Elaine's Chick-fil-A ice cream cone

:: Cuddle Time.  My kids enjoyed always being held, always having someone’s attention

Grandpa with Nolan & Elaine

::  Walking the dog.  Elaine sees Gypsy a lot on Skype.  She kept telling “Ma” that she wanted to take the doggy for a walk.  It took us all week to get around to a walk, but I think Elaine needed all of that time to get used to Gypsy.  At 12 or 14 {there seems to be a dispute on her age}, Gypsy is kinda cantankerous!

Elaine & Gypsy

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