Friday, June 1, 2012

May Photo A Day part 5

These are the last of our May pictures!  I may take June off, but I haven’t decided yet.  It’s a fun way to journal & document the month!

Day 27: Something Sweet

May 27 Something Sweet
Ben made chocolate cake to celebrate the kids and me returning to NYC.  Chocolate cake is usually reserved for birthday.  Definitely sweet!

Day 28: The Weather Today

Hot!  We went to the piers in Brooklyn on Memorial Day to see the ships in harbor for Fleet Week.  But it was hot!  This Spanish sailing ship has been around the world 10 times!

Day 29: A Number

May 29 A Number
May 29th in my planner.  Nothing special.  I was feeling uninspired.

Day 30: Your Personality

May 30 Your Personality
This looks a little strange. I can't decide how to put my personality into pictures. I want to call it organized, Ben would call it OCD. So I thought I would show you my fridge. I'm very particular about where everything goes.
Yes - this is how it really looks.
Yes - I try hard to keep it this way.
Yes - I clean it out every week.
Yes - my husband is afraid to clear the table and put things away in the fridge. Organized or obsessive? You decide!

Day 31: Beautiful

May 31 Beautiful
I feel very blessed to have a beautiful family and so many lovely friends. I love sitting on the couch and staring at my "gallery" above and on the piano.  “The ornaments of a home are the friends who frequent it” – our home has many beautiful ornaments!

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