Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Photo A Day June, part 1

I decided to go ahead with June’s Photo A Day Challenge, hosted by Fat Mum Slim.  I may not finish out, as we have a busy month with church and a quick vacation for Nolan’s first birthday.  {Wow!  Is he really going to be 1!?!?!}

Here’s the list:


June 1: Morning

June 1 Morning
Just a quiet Bay Ridge morning.  Not a creature was stirring…not even a street sweeper!

June 2: Empty

June 2 Empty
A very sad sight indeed!

June 3: On Your Plate

June 3 On Your Plate
how about “in your bowl”?  We had hard boiled eggs for breakfast.

June 4: Close Up

June 4 Close Up
just a random brick wall on the way home from the library

June 5: Sign

June 5 Sign
These signs are all over Brooklyn.  They crack me up.  Like ROFL kind of crack me up.  Because I think I’m the only one who reads them…the horns start going on our street before my kids are awake!  But when I’m driving, I don’t pay attention to these signs either.

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