Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Photo A Day part 3

Well…I’ve been behind on posting {and taking} my photos in June!  Here they are…though not necessarily snapped on the correct day!  And not too creative this month – I’m not really enjoying this list too much!

June 12: From a Low Angle
June 12 From a Low Angle
Elaine at the park

June 13: Art
Homemade Paint
homemade paints for Elaine

June 14: Time
Brooklyn Clock Tower
clock tower in downtown Brooklyn

June 15: Yellow
June 15 Yellow
the walls in my bedroom.  They were like that when we moved in – definitely not my favorite!

June 16: Out and About
Water Park!
at the water park!

June 17: In Your Bag
June 17 In Your Bag
new library books

June 18: Something We Don’t Know About You

June 18 Something We Don't Know About You
I despise wearing tennis shoes… especially with a skirt.  I’d much rather be in stockings and pumps, or sandals.  So if you catch me in my “sneakers” as Ben calls them – mark it down.  It is a rare occurrence!

June 19: Imperfect

Homemaking in Reality
my house.  This is what it looks like for most of the day…until naptime when I put it all away in the proper places.

June 20: Fave Photo You’ve Ever Taken

Danielle Visits NYC - Statue of Liberty and NYC Skyline
I had a hard time choosing…but I absolutely L.O.V.E. this picture of Elaine at the Statue of Liberty in 2010.

June 21: Where You Slept

June 21 Where You Slept
in my bed, of course!  This was made by Ben – a present for our wedding day.

June 22: From a High Angle

June 22 From a High Angle
I’m just sure you all wanted to see Nolan at lunch time!

June 23: Movement

Water Park!
it’s so hard to catch a picture of him these days.  Movement is Nolan.  Nolan is movement.  He really is all boy!

June 24: On Your Mind

June 24 On Your Mind
camping trip this weekend for Nolan’s 1st birthday

June 25: Something Cute

June 25 Something Cute Elaine playing catch with Ben
Elaine playing baseball with Daddy.  She used his glove and had a great time!

June 26: Where You Shop

June 26 Where You Shop
wherever the deals are.  Today it was Rite Aid.  Free Zantac.

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  1. I also despise wearing SNEAKERS (it must be a New England term!) with a skirt! Pass the flip flops and no one gets hurt.


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