Monday, June 11, 2012

June Photo A Day part 2

June 6: Hat

Playing in the Pool
playing outside in the sun

June 7: Drink

Day 7 Drink
can you tell what I’ve been drinking?  Coffee!  With cream!  We use the empty creamer cartons to make homemade blocks for the kids.

June 8: Six O’Clock

Day 8 Six O Clock
I don’t really like these “time” prompts.  6:00 is when my bank closes.  Pretty un-creative!

June 9: Your View Today

Trip to CT to see the Meaders
road trip to Connecticut!  He was happy…when I took this picture!

June 10: Best Bit of Your Weekend

Trip to CT to see the Meaders
Seeing our college friends, Donny & Erika Meader and letting our kids play together.  Nolan (11 months), Elaine (2.5 years), Kevin (almost 2), Cassie (6 months).

June 11: Door

Day 11 Door
The door to our apartment.  The house was built in 1905 and this is the original door frame.  In the glass above the door are the original house numbers, but the paint is fading and doesn’t show up well.

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