Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Little League Parade

Little League ParadeYesterday we attended the Little League Parade in Brooklyn, NY.  It’s kind of a “small” event for Brooklyn, but I have never seen so many baseball players in my life!  The little sluggers all marched through Park Slope, Brooklyn and ended at Prospect Park where the Little League Season was officially opened with a ceremonial first pitch.

Elaine is only 17 months, so we definitely didn’t attend because we have a Little Leaguer! (Though Ben would be ecstatic to attend as a Little League parent!)  Elaine and I walked the length of the parade handing out brochures about cloth diapers, and our business, Doable Diapers.

Little League ParadeElaine was quite the people watcher, and also a cutie with her sunglasses and new purple outfit! 

Little League ParadeSome very enthusiastic fans!  I must say, I never thought I would end up married to a baseball guy, and living in a baseball city!

We met Ben and the Bickel’s at the park to hand out tracts for our church’s evangelism program.  As we stood at the exit of the park when the ceremonies were finished, most people were willing to accept our Gospel tracts.  That was exciting…many times people reject our literature.

Afterwards, our family decided to walk to the other side of the park to feed some stale bread to the ducks.  It was a beautiful day in NYC, and perfect for spending at the park.  I was in sandals, and even got a tiny little bit of sunburn on my face.

Elaine really enjoyed the walk through the park.  She was intrigued with sticks, dirt, mud, road apples (luckily we rescued her from those before they got too closely acquainted).  It was funny to watch her walk across the ball fields in the grass.  She fell several times and would sit and touch the grass.  It really is a strange thing to her…she hasn’t seen too much of it in her life!

Little League ParadeUm, yeah.  That’s bread from the duck food bag.  She thoroughly enjoyed it!

Little League Parade
Intrigued by the strange green carpet.  I think I about to enter the phase of life that entails grass stains in the laundry, and I don’t even have a boy {yet} (and no, that was not a hint.  Baby #2 is still a surprise)!

Little League Parade
Elaine walked across this entire field – from the sidewalk on the other side of the trees.  Let me tell you – everything takes longer when you have a one year old who likes to walk by herself!

Little League Parade
We had almost succeeded in making it across the field when Elaine decided to join in a beginner’s soccer game.  Does that make your day, Uncle Wesley?

Feeding the ducks was a more pleasant experience this time.  Elaine seemed to know exactly what to do, and she enjoyed walking up to the waters’ edge and tossing bits of bread.  There was a greedy swan who dominated wherever Elaine went.  We had to be on guard…she wanted to hold the bread in her outstretched hand to feed to him! 

Little League ParadeFeeding Mr. Swan

Little League Parade
Yeah, a few pieces of bread still made it into Elaine’s mouth!

It was a lovely spring morning and afternoon spent together.  I have always loved the winter best, and I crave snow.  I sometimes dread the coming of hot weather.  Living in the City has changed my perspective a little bit.  Winter, and snow in particular, makes daily tasks very difficult when you walk to most of your destinations and when parking spaces disappear.  The coming of spring and warmer weather means we can go outside, enjoy the park, and exercise.  I know Elaine is going to have a wonderful summer!

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