Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh the things that she does!

Elaine is quite a character.  Always busy, always chattering, always out to discover something new, always making a mess!  Here are a few of her latest antics:

:: Elaine loves ink pens.  She knows just how to get the lids off.  Yesterday she scribbled all over Bunny before Daddy realized what was happening!


:: Elaine walks around the house saying what sounds like “uh-oh” in a sing-song voice.  It’s very cute!

:: In the nursery, Elaine’s paci fell off it’s strap.  The nursery workers told me that when she grabbed the strap and realized the paci was gone, she burst into tears.  Good thing it wasn’t lost forever!

::  Elaine is always trying to carry something or pick up something.  She has even hoisted a 2-liter full of Coke!  She loves to get into the cupboard where I store the oil and bring me the bottle!

::  Elaine doesn’t like anything on her head.  Keeping a hat on her this winter is going to be a challenge!  Here is a miracle…she left the hat on long enough to snap a picture!


::  Elaine has a love for Cheerios.  She even knows just where the box is stored.  She will go to the cupboard and hand you the box if she wants a snack.  Or, more recently, she will just help herself!

::  Elaine likes anything wet.  The laundry that I am hanging up.  The washcloth from the bathtub.  The wipes from the changing table.   She walks around sucking on them.  Yuck!  (We do try to prevent this!)

::  Elaine is fascinated with the toilet.  She likes to flush it.  I forgot to close the lid last week, and walked in to discover Elaine dipping a washcloth in and out of the toilet.  She thought it was great fun!

::  Recently Elaine has been taking a new approach to playtime.  Instead of reaching into her toy box, she just climbs right in and sits in the middle of all the toys!  One time she slipped, and ended up in the toy box with her legs waving in the air!


I even caught her sitting in drawer that I left open!


::  Elaine’s greatest struggle with obedience is regarding cords.  She wants to unplug the lamp, unplug the printer from the computer, and walk around with the iPod cord.  I definitely have to stay on my toes!

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