Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Making It Work!

We had a rainy week last week and the forecast shows another rainy week is upon us.  I don’t have a dryer…just a washing machine.  This poses a challenge when it comes to getting my clothes dry if I can’t hang them on the line.  Last week I had diapers, towels, and whites all washed up and no place to dry them.  Although I have two clothes drying racks, there wasn’t enough room.  Ben rigged this clothesline for me in Elaine’s bedroom.  There was already a hook in the wall, and another hook inside the closet.  He used leftover clothesline from when he had to replace our outdoor clothesline after the old one rotted.  My living room was a mess for a few days!


I had another problem that came up this week also.  I love Baby Magic lotion (thanks to Mom & my Mother-in-law).  It smells so much better than Johnsons!  But…none of the drug stores or little stores around here carry Baby Magic.  While Target carries the product, they haven’t had it in stock in quite a while.  As I came down to the last drops in my bottle, I got desperate and decided to order it online.  While I felt silly paying shipping on baby lotion, I knew I couldn’t go back to Johnsons lotion.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found something new on  Have you heard of Amazon Mom?  It’s a free membership that gives you an additional 15% off on selected baby items (mostly diapers and wipes).  But…it comes with three free months of Amazon Prime benefits – like FREE two-day shipping!  And for every $25 in baby products that you buy, you get an additional month of Amazon Prime shipping.  On top of the discount and free shipping, I found a Subscribe & Save discount of an additional 15%.  So…I got 6 bottles of my loved Baby Magic lotion, for less than $2 each, shipped to my house for free, and it arrived the next day!  That’s better than I could do at Wal-Mart!

Another item that I can’t find here is canning lids.  I guess city folks don’t do much home canning!  I have the opportunity to go apple picking on Saturday, and I’m hoping to make some applesauce.  So I found some canning lids on Amazon, and they should arrive tomorrow – compliments of my free shipping with Amazon Mom benefits!


  1. Canning? What's that?! j/k :) Can't wait to see how long it will take you to gather a whole bustle! :) lol

    Love ya, a City Folk gal ;)

  2. Wow..that Amazon mom thing sounds cool! Oh please share how to make apple sauce!!!


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