Thursday, October 21, 2010

Drops from My Cup

My friend Leah has a blog called “Drops from My Cup.”  That phrase has been stuck in my head regarding God’s provision for our family.  God has done so much, and provided in so many different ways, that I often feel as if my “cup” is running over.  However, the things that I am able to share here with you are only drops from that cup.  There is no way to adequately describe everything that God is doing for us here in New York City.

On Tuesday I shared a drop from my cup.  Can I share another one with you?  Elaine has been needing a few things for winter.  She has enough to get by, but I feel like I am washing her clothes more frequently.  I have looked at stuff in the store.  Tried to bargain hunt and thrift shop.  I have asked Ben if I could make a few purchases.  He always said, “God will provide.”  I thought it would be through Elaine’s birthday (coming up in two weeks!).  I forwarded a list to the grandparents.

Then yesterday I got a message from a family at church asking if Elaine needed anything for the winter.  Last night at church they gave us two shopping bags full of pajamas, dresses, shirts, overalls, shoes, hats, sweaters, and more.  I think I practically squealed with glee as I pulled each item out of the bag.  Elaine’s drawers are now stuffed and overflowing, just like my “cup.”

Ben asked me last night, “Why are you so surprised that God did this for us?”  I don’t know.  He has done so many things, and worked in mighty ways, but I am always surprised when He goes to work again on our behalf.  As we used to say in Brother Spencer’s classes at Ambassador Baptist College: “God is good…all the time.  All the time…God is good.”

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  1. I can identify with this many times over!! I just remarked to my husband this morning "Do you realize we haven't had to buy the children a single item of clothing in over 2 years?" Seriously, EVERY thing they have needed has been given to us, even down to socks and hats and winter "gear." The shoes we receive are always the perfect size, and this year Caleb received some church suits, which we could have never afforded to buy. God really does provide our every need if we wait for His timing. We just often get too impatient! :)


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