Friday, October 15, 2010

Baseball is his game

Ben’s game, that is.  He loves baseball.  He thinks I ask too many questions.  The same questions, every game.  I really don’t understand a lot about baseball.  (But if you wanna talk football…that’s a different story!)

The Texas Rangers are playing the New York Yankees for the league imageschampionship.  Tonight is game one in the series.  Right now the game is tied.  We were supposed to watch a movie…but Ben is biting his nails waiting for the outcome.

Yes, you guessed it.  We are cheering for the Rangers!  (Did I get you?   You expected me to say Yankees, didn’t you?)  There are a couple of reasons we like the Rangers, and it has nothing to do with the fact that they are having a good season.  First, Nolan Ryan is one of Ben’s favorite baseball players ever (right after Cal Ripkin Jr.).  Nolan not only played for the Rangers, but he is now a partial owner in the team.  Another owner?  George W. Bush.   As a bonus, the star player is named Hamilton.

There is a lot riding on this series.  Not only will the winner go to the World Series, but the winner may determine the name of our first son.  Okay, now I need to clarify: I am NOT pregnant!  But…as we throw around names that we like for a boy, should we ever be blessed with a son, Nolan is one of the favorites.  There are actually three names that we really like.  We keep changing our mind as to which one is the first choice.  One of them would have been Elaine’s name if she had been a boy (and my parents really dislike the name).  It’s still on the list, but maybe not at the top.

What does this have to do with the current baseball series?  I told Ben that if the Rangers win this series, we will name the first boy Nolan (middle name to be a surprise).  It’s kind of a joke, but it may end up being serious! 

So…who are you cheering for?

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