Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

This is a miracle!  I am publishing a Wordless Wednesday…on Wednesday!

Elaine reading with Grandma
Elaine doing Reading with Grandma (& Henry)

Nolan decided Henry needed to play Lone Ranger too…

Carrots for snack…carrots for teething.  My three sons.  Life is never dull!

Movie Night with Grandma
Movie with Grandma.  Five on a couch!

Nehemiah Reading Creation Mag
Nehemiah was getting into his Creation Magazine

Snowman family
Snow family!  The bigs and Ben made our family out of snow…even down to Henry (he’s the one laying down…just to help you out…Elaine has the pink hat, Nolan has the blue coat, and the others are the twins and the parents).

Henry watching Curious George
Henry was getting into Curious George!

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