Friday, January 22, 2016

National Western Stock Show

One of the things that we did nearly every year when I was growing up was attend the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo.  This year, we happened to be in Denver at the same time as the Stock Show.  Grandma and Grandpa took the day off to take us, and the grandkids.

It wasn’t quite like I remembered it, but I think the kids had a great time seeing all of the animals.  My city kids have never seen so many cows, pigs, and horses all in one place before!  Nehemiah in particular was in heaven and couldn’t take his eyes off of everything going on around him!

We tried to go to the petting area, but the line was very long and the area was much smaller than I remembered from previous years.  So we opted for the pony ride instead.  Thank you Great Grandma & Grandpa for the Christmas fun money! 


Nehemiah was riding “Dash”.

IMG_7149  National Western Stock Show
He spent a good deal of the ride leaning over his horse, checking things out, and patting his horses belly.

National Western Stock Show

Elaine chose to ride “Twinkie”.  She also declared that when she gets her horse in the Bronx, she is going to name it Twinkie as well.

National Western Stock Show

National Western Stock Show
Nolan got to ride “Cowboy”

National Western Stock Show

National Western Stock Show
Liberty cracked me up!  She waved like a celebrity every time she went by.  She was so proud of her horse, “Dolly.”

We spent a bit of time watching the cows go through the “cow wash” and then get blow dried so they looked beautiful for their judging.  I bet you never thought a cow could be “beautiful” did you?

These calves were enjoying feeding time.  There were a lot of highland cows at the show and I enjoyed them the most.

The pigs were getting shown while we were there, so we not only saw a ton of them in their pens, but also quite a few being led through the aisles by their owners.  Liberty wanted to pet every one of them.  Too much Charlotte’s Web?

There were not many sheep on the day we were there, and they were all shorn.  But we did see the wool fleeces which won first place, and got to pet a few.  We also attended a show that demonstrated how they shear sheep. 

Nehemiah couldn’t keep from climbing and touching everything!

IMG_7169  IMG_7170
Henry enjoyed his water bottle!

A sow and piglets.  There was also a baby llama, two baby kids, and some other newborn animals.

  IMG_7179  IMG_7180 
Libs, Nehemiah, & Elaine

IMG_7178  IMG_7182  IMG_7184

Some fun photo props… Nolan, Libs, Nehemiah

My four little cowpokes

IMG_7189   IMG_7191 
Looking at the Percherons (very large horses, but not Clydesdales).  One was getting new shoes from the Ferrier.

Next to the wagon which the Percherons pull in the rodeo.

National Western Stock Show
Nehemiah, Liberty, Nolan, Elaine, & Henry in the horse barn.

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  1. Liberty does make me laugh with her "royal" wave! It was a fun day!


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