Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

I have been taking a break from Facebook for a little while, so here are the pictures that reflect our activities for the past week.  It's been a long time since I posted a Wordless Wednesday!

The benefits of a twin?  Built in teeter-totter buddy!  And #everynurseryisanewadventure

We enjoyed sledding at Old Powderhorn resort near Mesa Colorado.  We trekked to the top (including me with a sprained ankle, and Henry in his seat), and tried to get set up.  Elaine immediately did her own thing.  Ben set Libs on a saucer, and she went - straight over the jump - and airborne several feet.  When we rushed to see if she was okay, she sobbed, "I hurt my...face!"

Playing with Henry

Little man growing up

We go through a lot of bibs...he is one slobbery dude right now.

Sometimes, deputation kids just get sick of being in the car.  Then they reinvent the carseat!

We were in Gunnison, CO for a meeting.  It was -33* the day we arrived, and -21* when we woke up on Sunday morning.  In fact, you could see your breath inside the hotel hall!

This was Elaine's favorite toy...Henry's too!

Wrestling with Daddy.  #allfiveofthem

It's been unusually cold here in Grand Junction, CO, which means the snow is sticking around.  It also means giant icicles forming on the house!

We are in one place for three whole weeks!  We re-instituted "stay-up-late-night" to have some one-on-one time with our kiddos.  Nolan got Legos for Christmas, so he and Daddy built one of them.

Elaine's Thank You Card to Grandma for the trip to Disney.  This is the Thunder Mountain Rollercoaster

Henry has been sitting here for meal times.  He just eats his teether, though {for now!}

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