Friday, January 8, 2016

Henry Tad: Four Months Old

Behind again!  But I did snap these pictures on his four month “birthday”.

Henry 4 Month Portraits

Henry 4 Month Portraits

Henry 4 Month Portraits

This is “normal” Henry right now.  He’s teething pretty hard and everything goes straight into his mouth!  The benefit is that sometimes he actually gets his own paci back in his mouth!  He has a little teether that he loves to chew on, and he gets to “eat” it every meal when he sits near the dinner table!

Henry 4 Month Portraits
His legs are getting stronger and he loves to “stand” up!  In fact, Daddy is reviving an old trick…balancing the baby on his palm!  We were too busy with twins to do it then, but Nolan & Elaine both enjoyed this trick with Daddy!

Henry 4 Month Portraits
This is my favorite!  He is such a happy, smiley baby.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Mommy, a sibling, or a stranger.  If you talk to him he grins from ear to ear!

Henry is a really laid back, easy-going, happy baby.  He’s a great sleeper and a good eater.  I have no idea how much he weighs…but I’m guessing around 15 pounds.  (We recently had to move up diaper sizes, so that is my guide right now).  Something funny – he never spits up.  He burps, but no spit up.  So…I guess he gets the FULL benefit of ALL his milk and he’s putting on the pounds!  He has some really great “thunder thighs” right now! 

We are in full teething mode.  That means lots of drool.  Lots, and lots of drool!  We got through a lot of bibs and burp clothes these days!  His little rosy cheeks are a result of teething, too.  We are also battling some cradle cap, though I know it bothers me more than it bothers him!

Staying in one place for a while has let us teach Henry to put himself to sleep.  Though he cried a lot the first night, he usually self-sooths to sleep within a few minutes for naps and bedtime.  That is a great help to Momma!

Some events from this last month of his life include meeting Uncle Kenny, Aunt Becky, Uncle Wesley, Grandpa Godby (they took several naps together), Great-Grandma & Grandpa Paul, Great-Grams, and all of Mommy’s extended Denver family!  He even opened his first Christmas gift – the ribbon was very enticing!  And at last count, he has traveled in 20 states since birth (seven of them new this month).  He got his first taste of ice cream from Mrs. Alewine in AL.  And each of his older twin siblings tried to share their snack with him.  Liberty stuffed his mouth full of Frosted Flakes, and Nehemiah mooshed Ritz cracker all over his face.  Our biggest drive this month was from Miami, FL to Denver, CO.

Henry is also reaching to grab items now.  He often lays out on a blanket while we are schooling.  He loves to play with the Froggy toy that was Elaine’s.  Of course, when he gets his fingers on something, it’s straight into the mouth!

Traveling with a baby is lots of fun!  (haha).  But I’m so very blessed to have a good, happy, well-sleeping, deputation baby. 

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