Sunday, January 31, 2016

We’ve Got Our Hands Full

We are in the process of making an updated video presentation…since we will likely be on deputation for most of 2016.  One of the sections talks about how people are always telling us, “Oh, you’ve sure got your hands full!”  We get this comment multiple times a week as we travel.  There’s a lot of variations, too.  Like, “Are you married?”  Um, no.  We just take five kids grocery shopping together for the fun of it.  “That’s a nice day care you are running.”  Yeah, lady.  They are actually all my kids.  You get the idea.

We needed a new picture to illustrate our “full quiver” since Henry wasn’t in any of the old ones.  My mom snapped a few pictures last Sunday before church!

We've Got Our Hands Full
Someone is always making a face.  Or fish lips.

We've Got Our Hands Full
Elaine was in hysterics about something!

We've Got Our Hands Full
Focus, everyone!  Henry was obeying!

We've Got Our Hands Full
Yup.  Full hands.  And full hearts.  And tired bodies!

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