Friday, January 29, 2016

A Week with Grandma & Grandpa

We concluded our Colorado trip with another week at my parent’s house.  In addition to enjoying a day at the Stock Show, we also spent time with my grandparents and just hung out aroung the house.

Grandma & Grandpa with Henry
Henry with Great Grandma & Grandpa

Henry & Grandpa
My Grandpa & Henry.  Henry obviously enjoyed the visit!

Sleeping in Grandpa's Tent
Grandpa (my dad) pulled out his motorcycle tent for the kids to sleep in.  Nolan & Elaine got to use it the most.  The twins had a chance but didn’t nap and got into a lot of trouble, so they didn’t get a repeat night in the tent.

Twins in Wesley's Hats
Uncle Wesley’s beanies…

Working outside at Grandpa's House
My parents just moved and since the weather was nice we helped with some projects outside.  My dad had poured concrete on the side, so the boys moved the shed to the proper spot.  The kids helped with moving this gravel from the front to the back.  Elaine was working for pay.  She accidentally knocked off one of Grandma’s Thomas Kinkade collector plates and it broke.  She had to work off the cost of the replacement.  She moved rocks and brushed the dog (a little bit of enjoyment in that task!)

Recording for a new video
We also made the voice over recording for a new video presentation.  Someone at our mission board is putting everything together, but since we wanted our own voices doing the narration, we had to go to a recording studio in Denver.

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