Friday, March 16, 2012

Prospect Park Zoo

On Wednesday we availed ourselves of the warm weather and made a visit to the Prospect Park Zoo with our friends.  The kids and I took the train to the Klaus’ house, and then we all walked through the park to the zoo.  It was nearly 2 miles one way!  We had a great time in the sunshine, watching the sea lion show, exploring the barn (and the girls even got brave enough to feed the goats!), and pretending to be prairie dogs. 

{click the scrapbook pages below to enlarge}

2012-3-14 Day at Prospect Park Zoo p.1 jpg

2012-3-14 Day at Prospect Park Zoo jpg

2012-3-14 Day at Prospect Park Zoo p.3 jpg


  1. I love the scrapbook pages! We had tons of fun!!!

  2. I love your pages're doing a great job becoming a digital scrapper! I love the pic of you and the kids! You're a great Mom!


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