Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Employment

Today I am thankful for Ben’s job.  He has actually been working since the end of January.  I have been holding off from writing this post and making it public because I wanted to be sure things were going to work out.  We were blessed with a short unemployment period – just about a month.  There were several months at the end of 2011 that were sketchy, but God provided our needs.

Ben is working for another pastor in the area who is a full-time contractor in addition to pastoring a church.  Ben is working as a sub-contractor, so things are a little different.  There is no paid vacation or benefits, but we didn’t have those at the other job, so nothing has changed.  We are making slightly less than before, but God is continuing to provide what we lack.

While Ben has some general skills and knowledge, he is definitely learning a lot in this job.  Previously, Ben worked mostly with wood and furniture repairs.  Now he is learning to lay tile, install countertops and cabinets, doing a lot of painting, and other general repairs and remodeling.  He is really enjoying his work, and it is very nice to be back in a Christian work environment!

Thank you so much for those of you who have prayed for us and been generous to us during our time of unemployment.  Please continue to remember us in prayer!  We are starting to pray specifically about where the Lord would have us to plant a church, and who He would have us to co-labor with in the work.

2012 prayer card jpg for digital use

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