Saturday, March 3, 2012

Elaine’s Activities

Here are a few pictures from some of Elaine’s recent activities.  A couple of weeks ago our church had a family game night.  We rented the Salvation Army gym and played basketball, board games, and enjoyed the fellowship.  Elaine’s friend Havilah came with us.  Here they are playing a fishing game!

Elaine & Havilah Fishing  Elaine & Havilah Fishing

And here are all of the little girls…

Me, Elaine, Faith, Havilah, and Selah

Elaine helped me make a new wreath for the front door.  We used a Pinterest idea to cut strips of magazines and glue them on a circle.  It hasn’t fared so well in the rainy weather, but at least it’s bright & colorful.  We had fun making it, and it didn’t cost us anything!  Here is Elaine and her finished wreath!

Elaine's Magazine Wreath  Elaine's Magazine Wreath

Elaine's Magazine Wreath

If you want to make your own, follow these instructions, compliments of Childhood 101.

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