Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Shower Candles

Baby Shower Candle Holders

We used these pretty little jars on the guest tables at our baby shower over the weekend.  They were really easy to make, but I thought they added a lot!  For a couple of weeks, I saved baby food jars from Nolan.  I removed the labels, but there is always some of the gummy junk left where the label was glued.  I wanted to cover it, but I wanted the light from the candle to show through.

Baby Shower Candle Holders

I made a strip of paper lace using cardstock and my Martha Stewart edging punch.  I tried using typing paper, but it was too thick for my punch.  I thought it would take forever to punch both sides of the strips for all of those jars (I made 21), but it really went fast!  I adhered the paper lace with double sided scrapbooking adhesive.  But…the cardstock was heavy enough that the ends kept coming undone.  So I added a dab of hot glue to secure the end.  Next time I think I will try sticky strip.

Baby Shower Candle HoldersI made the seam of the lace fall where the stickiness from the baby food label wouldn’t come off the jar.  Then I added a onesie cut-out from my Cricut (New Arrival cartridge), and tied a bow/ribbon on the top.  The 4 ounce baby food jars hold a tea light candle perfectly! 

I realized after the candles were lit that the flame made the jars hot, and I had used hot glue to adhere things to the jar.  But nothing fell apart, so I guess it wasn’t hot enough to re-liquefy the glue!

I also made a few with a little clip attached to the rim of the jar.  We placed cards in the clips to label the dessert foods.

Baby Shower Candle Holders   Baby Shower Candle Holders

Mary Cedeno's Baby Shower  Mary Cedeno's Baby Shower


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