Friday, September 16, 2011

T-Shirt Skirts

I found some t-shirts for a steal at the bargain store last week.  I nabbed three of them to make Elaine some more skirts.  Today (okay, it’s after midnight.  Make that yesterday) I finally pulled out the sewing machine and set to work.

Do you have any idea how long it takes to do a simple task when you’re caring for an almost-two-year-old (who has a very 2 year old attitude), a two-month old, and a sick husband?  Well let’s just say this little project, and a little hemming, took me all day!  But now it’s done and Elaine is happy!

{Here’s my original post on this skirt, and a link to the original tutorial}

Elaine in her t-shirt skirts
I took the ruffle from the grey skirt to accent the pink skirt.

Elaine in her t-shirt skirts
The black skirt – first one I made.  She looked so…grown up going to church on Wednesday.  She is carrying the purse that Mrs. Neiner gave her as a newborn – the purse that started the addiction!  And inside she has her Bible…where did the time go?

New T-shirt skirts!
I loved the grey on pink, but I didn’t really want a pink-on-grey combo.  So I stole a friend’s embellishment idea and used ribbon, and then eliminated the ruffle!

New T-shirt skirts!
Three t-shirt skirts.  I learned never to sew the elastic without the model.  I finished the grey skirt while Lainey was napping.  I made it the same (or so I thought) as the others, but it needs some adjustments in the waist!

New T-shirt skirts!
I’m very pleased with the turnout, and I feel like a frugal Mommy!  Maybe I could get into this sewing thing!

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  1. I have a pile of T-shirts waiting to be turned into skirts. I showed my moms & tots group and they loved them so I think we are going to try to make some at our meeting next Tuesday. It sure changes the way you look at a shirt "Look at this pile of shirts...I mean skirts!" hehe


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