Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things I’ve Learned this Week…

…random lessons from the life of a NYC mommy…

:: Sleep is not overrated.  I’ve been getting more of it since Nolan has slept through the night (7+ hours) every night this week. 

::  Elaine is too smart for her own good…sometimes.  She helped herself to a screwdriver to try to open the battery compartment on Nolan’s play gym (when she couldn’t get the music to come on).  Unfortunately, Nolan was right underneath her.  Fortunately, Mommy walked in just in time!

:: Elaine watches everything.  She has started nursing her baby doll this week.  Then she burps Betsy.  Just like I do with Nolan.

:: The news reporters and weather forecasters are not always right.  Hurricane Irene was a bust, at least in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  They totally played it up too big.  Ben was told by a reliable source this week that they were trying to make up for botching the snow removal from the Dec. 26th blizzard last year.  We had rain, and some windy gusts.  When we went to bed last night the Weather Channel said we had a “3-10% chance of Tropical Storm or Hurricane conditions.”  (It wasn’t even a picture worthy storm…and that says a lot coming from someone who takes pictures of everything).  I haven’t heard yet about the status of the lower areas, such as Sheepshead Bay/Coney Island near where our church is located.

:: 90% humidity is not good for getting clothes dried.  My living room looks like a laundry facility with all of the makeshift drying contraptions holding wet towels and diapers!

:: Blogging provides inspiration.  I enjoyed making some things for Elaine this week…all of which I found on other blogs. 

  • Ruffled Skirt – made from one of my old t-shirts, this project took me an hour (but that included interruptions).

img_1086So you can’t see the skirt very well…but isn’t she a cute model?

  • Button Snake – this was a Busy Bag idea.  Just a ribbon with buttons on each end, and squares of felt or flannel to thread onto it.  Keeps Elaine busy!  (Tutorialvariationvariation)



  • Pom-Pom Push-It – Just a sour cream container with a hole cut in the lid.  Elaine has to push the pom-poms through the slightly smaller hole.  Another easy project!




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