Friday, September 16, 2011

Nolan’s Ryan

Elaine has her Bunny (who has been assigned a permanent place in the crib, and has been rejected for the more-fun-to-play-with baby doll).  Nolan wasn’t really given any stuffed animals.  We were talking the other day and wondered if he would have a “special friend.”  Then he started chewing on everything he could get his hands on.  Usually it’s his blanket, pacifier strap, or lately his little stuffed elephant rattle from Mrs. Neiner. 

So…we dubbed it Nolan’s Ryan!  Just to have fun, and to make you wonder if we really did name Nolan after that baseball great!  Perhaps they will become inseparable friends…

Nolan's Ryan

And happily, the weather turned cool today.  The breeze and the temperature were perfect for fall, and called for a coat in order to go outside!  Nolan got to get bundled up for the first time. 

Nolan's first fall day!

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